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JB systems Super Orion


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3 kanaler, kraftig moonflower

Powerful quadruple LED moonflower.
Based on 4x 9 pieces of 1Watt LEDs (8 x Red, 8 x Green, 8 x Blue, 12x White)
Plug and play: No controller needed, the shows run automatically to the rhythm of the music
Master / Slave functionality for nice synchronized shows when several units are linked together
Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows
Very strong and sharp white, blue, red and green beams
Equipped with big optical lenses for a maximum of light output
Can be controlled via:
1 DMX channel: to select different sound controlled shows
3 DMX channels: show selection + speed/audio control + strobe control
An optional CA-8 hand controller
No moving parts inside: Long lifetime
Technical Information
Mains Input:  AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Mains Output:  Max. 10A
Power consumption:  67 Watt
Fuse:  250V 3.15A slow blow (20mm glass)
Sound Control:  Internal microphone
DMX connections:  3pin XLR male / female
DMX channels used:  1 & 3 channels
Light source:  36 x 1Watt LEDs (8 x Red, 8 x Green, 8 x Blue, 12 x White)
Size:  430 x 256 x 172 mm
Weight:  5kg

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